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Meet the Going Global Board

The Going Global board is comprised of members from The Tabernacle, and exists for the purpose of bringing oversight to the ongoing and future projects of Going Global. While they are primarily bringing accountability to ensure that all donations are being distributed to fund Going Global projects around the world, they are also seeking new opportunities and ways to make an impact globally.

We are excited about the future of Going Global. As we draw closer to launching our first Medical/Dental Clinic – Planting our first church is Africa – drilling our first well for the community to draw water from, we are actively looking for our next project and seeking out the next area that we can bring change to. We would love for you to join us and get involved!

"Going Global exists for the purpose of Connecting, Serving, and Empowering communities around the world spiritually, physically, and financially "

Deloris <span>Jackson</span>

Deloris Jackson

Julia <span>Daley</span>

Julia Daley

David <span>Dotson</span>

David Dotson


Maria <span>Spears</span>

Maria Spears

Board Member
Danny <span>Austin</span>

Danny Austin

Board Member
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